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The art of getting listed on Google, Bing and other search engines is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. It includes a myriad of tasks, methods and content in the right places in order to signal to search engines who you are, what you do and who your clients are. It is built on ever changing algorithms to make sure only the most relevant content is shown for any given search.

There are quite simply 3 types of SEO that can be done to help build your web presence. There are Onsite SEO Tasks, which include things like title tags, headings, permalinks, rich snippets, alt descriptions and many more. There are Off-Site indicators such as back links, which are anything that links back to your domain, such as social media posts, shared blogs, press releases, local directory links and so much more. Finally, there are paid ads which are like back-links but hold a very different type of weight and can bring traffic directly to you even before organic results are shown. These are a pay as you go solution that can be very costly but the benefits are instant, unlike the other two methods.

Before any type of plan is created an analysis must first be done. We always start with a look at your entire web presence. Site tasks are identified, warnings and errors found, backlinks are identified and weighted and we even take a look at your competitors to see how you rank and what we can do that will help you get better results than them. When our analysis is complete, we create a plan based on you budget, and the highest scoring tasks, both negative and positive are taken care of first, to get the best results while staying in the budget.

We do our due diligence to get you noticed and listed naturally by prioritizing SEO tasks and making sure that before we start back-linking that your website is getting the best results it can on its own. We start by doing your onsite SEO either while we build your site, or in our Basic SEO Starter package. This process makes sure your website has the key indicators search engines are looking for and that they know you exist. We build the relationship and submit your site for review. We build out your Google Business listing and ensure it is primed and full of things your potential clients need to know.

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No matter if you need some consulting to help you find your way, some analysis and reporting to help guide your efforts, or a company to help you build your online web presence Aaru Canada is here to help and has the experience you need to get results and get found online.

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