Protection & Maintenance Plans

Protection & Maintenance Plans Keep Your Websites Running Smoothly

Companies put a lot of effort, time and money into building a great online presence and it can all be for nothing in just moments if systems aren't up to date and secured.

There are a myriad of issues that can arise with all the technology that goes into the internet of things. Everything from corrupt files and databases, hackers trying to usurp control of your online data, plugin conflicts and so much more.

Websites built on WordPress and other CMS are complete web applications with a ton of awesome features that can make it really easy to do what you want to do on your website. They ensure that your website can grow with your business and continue to provide new and advanced features. The flip side of that is that it is a complete web application and as such is bound to be less secure as it is a web facing system. That being said, there are tens of thousands of developers, designers, & security personnel who take responsibility for growing the software and bringing it to the next level. As such, updates are continuously rolled out and the software made better and even more robust and secure.

That doesn't necessarily mean that you are getting the protection you need. Each website has a different set of plugins and files and each configuration is so unique that conflicts could easily occur. After all there are thousands of files in a website and so many lines of code where things could go wrong. That, and someone needs to take care of all those updates and make sure they are successfully applied and don't cause issues, that could potentially take your website offline.

That's where our maintenance and protection plans come in. Our plans allow you to get the peace of mind of having those updates monitored and performed, as well as fixed if conflicts arise with other plugins or systems. We make sure that everything runs perfectly for you, so you don't have to.

Most of our plans also include content management so that you can update your website and newsletters without doing anything more than sending us an email or submitting a ticket. We take care of optimizing images and getting your content on the web, while following the SEO guidelines needed to make it impactful and get results.

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Our maintenance plans are perfect for:

Making sure your investment stays secure and online.

Ensuring backups and plugin updates are done successfully.

Making updates to content easy and impactful.

Ensuring someone is accountable should things go wrong.

We even take care of any support issues that arise, so if you need the technical jargon conveyed just right, we are there to submit, followup and follow through on any changes that need to be made. We are quite used to dealing with other developers and know how to get the information to them that can help make the difference between a broken site and a secure one.

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